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We create engagement, improve the customer experience and increase repeat business

Simply put, we help your customer connect with your brand in a meaningful way by creating real and memorable moments.

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4.8/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I used the app for the first time yesterday when we went to The Italian and it was so easy to use and I really like the concept!

– unknown

How come I didn’t know about this app sooner. Keep up the great work.

 – unknown

Very user-friendly and easy to collect points when hanging out at my favourite bars/restaurant.

– Evelyn

The app is simple and easy to use. No time wasted waiting for the server to bring machine for me to pay.

– Kailey

Nice to be rewarded for being a regular customer.

Elegant design and thoughtful development have resulted in a first-rate app. Well done!

– Chris

Get rewards for eating out?? Love it!

 – Andy

very easy to use

– Dave

Fabulously Easy..

– Kerry

Slick app and I get rewards to use it. Win-win

– OC604

No waiting to pay love it!

love it

– Tam

Love the app!

Easy to use!

– smsbc

a restaurant above the rest! such a great idea to be able to pay via an app!

 – Charlee

Freaking love this

– unknown

super easy to use

– Alex

Easy to use, awesome app!

Easy to use and love the updated app. Keep up the good work.

– Folly85

Worked well and was easy to use

– Tyanna


Great app!

– Karla

great app & simple to navigate!

– Geoff


– Kennedy

Awesome beer and awesome app!

– unknown

We love our Saturday brunches and of course the music playlist!😉

– Adam and Shawna

super easy

– William

easy to use and rewards are nice for just paying for your food

– Jules

Super easy to use!

– Kyle

easy to use!

– Marina

great app

– Martin

Pretty easy

– TinMan 05


– Carol



Service and food were first class. Thank you for a great night

  • A Google User

They give the bill and you scan the code – simple!

  • Stephen

The app works great.

  • Derek


 – Joe

Access and download your database anytime

Given how important data has become, businesses are increasingly wanting to own and control their data


Goodbye Clutter

Why? Because they don’t have to add another card to the pile!

Never Wait to Pay!

It’s as easy as … 1 … 2 … Go!

Scan or Enter amount to pay.

Confirm and Go!

Digital Expense Tracking

All transactions are at their fingertips inside your app as well as on their CC statement.


Rewards are automatically added. No extra work involved. Easily manage and track rewards, points and offers.

Double Dip

Connect their favourite rewards credit card to your app and get points from their CC and the reward program offered.

Know their Balance

Their balance is a glance away. No more guessing or keeping slips of paper with notes.

Cash Back

Who doesn't like cash back? Set your % and thresholds, assign to groups or set globally.


If they have your app then any promotion you send will encourage them to visit.

Referral Points

If I tell my friends about you what's in it for me? Give points for referrals.

Our app users spend 72% more money than non-app users.