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Your App worked brilliantly!

Ted Smith, Director of Sales, Squirrel Systems


4.9/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I used the app for the first time yesterday when we went to The Italian and it was so easy to use and I really like the concept!

– unknown

How come I didn’t know about this app sooner. Keep up the great work.

 – unknown

Very user-friendly and easy to collect points when hanging out at my favourite bars/restaurant.

– Evelyn

The app is simple and easy to use. No time wasted waiting for the server to bring machine for me to pay.

– Kailey

Nice to be rewarded for being a regular customer.

Elegant design and thoughtful development have resulted in a first-rate app. Well done!

– Chris

Get rewards for eating out?? Love it!

 – Andy

very easy to use

– Dave

Fabulously Easy..

– Kerry

Slick app and I get rewards to use it. Win-win

– OC604

No waiting to pay love it!

love it

– Tam

Love the app!

Easy to use!

– smsbc

a restaurant above the rest! such a great idea to be able to pay via an app!

 – Charlee

Freaking love this

– unknown

super easy to use

– Alex

Easy to use, awesome app!

Easy to use and love the updated app. Keep up the good work.

– Folly85

Worked well and was easy to use

– Tyanna


Great app!

– Karla

great app & simple to navigate!

– Geoff


– Kennedy

Awesome beer and awesome app!

– unknown

We love our Saturday brunches and of course the music playlist!😉

– Adam and Shawna

super easy

– William

easy to use and rewards are nice for just paying for your food

– Jules

Super easy to use!

– Kyle

easy to use!

– Marina

great app

– Martin

Pretty easy

– TinMan 05


– Carol



Service and food were first class. Thank you for a great night

  • A Google User

They give the bill and you scan the code – simple!

  • Stephen

The app works great.

  • Derek


 – Joe

works great and allows me to pay without having to wait for a debit/credit machine!

– Charlee

great app. easy to use!!

  • Clayton

Really user friendly and fast

  • Raph416


  • JRC514

super easy!!

  • Robert

Super simple and easy to use…

  • C B

quick & easy to use. Fantastic for when it’s busy, you just get your bill, pay and go, no waiting.

  • Sarah

love this

  • Patrick

Simple, accurate and easy to use


supa dupa

  • Arpad

great app

  • Su

Works great

  • Aman

very easy to use. quick payments etc.

  • Derek

Super quick and easy to pay

  • Morgan

Staff, food & prices are always great at the JRG Group restaurants. The app is just a bonus if you’re going more than a few times a year.

  • Devon

Works great! And of course food is great!

  • Kyle S

I was wondering if I’d remember how to use the app but it was so easy and quick. Everything went off without a hitch. I look forward to using it again.

  • icanuse


  • Lyndsy Pahl

Great app. Use it at least weekly.

  • Keith Wilson

Good app.  Makes it easy to pay.

  • CG


  • Greg D.

This is a great App!!!!

  • Ted Smith, Director of Sales – Squirrel Systems

Apps are on the front line
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Customer Data, Analytics & Targeted Marketing
(Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & Customer Behaviour)

The backend website! Your customer analytics and data reside here.

Export your data any time.

Goodbye Clutter

Goodbye Clutter

Why? Because you don’t have to add another card to the pile!

Never Wait to Pay!

With or without an app

It’s as easy as … 1 … 2 … Go!

Scan or Enter amount to pay.

Confirm and Go!

Digital Expense Tracking

Digital Expense Tracking

All transactions are at your fingertips inside your app as well as on your CC statement.

Cash Back

Cash Back

Who doesn't like cash back? Set your % and thresholds, assign to groups or set globally.

Powerful Marketing

Target by age, gender, birthday and location. Send push notifications, emails or SMS, add offers and much more. The possibilities are endless.

Transfer, Send Gifts and Referral Program

Customers can send gifts or transfer their balance by SMS or email and there is also a  built-in referral program too.

Top Up

Start the month with a balance

An internal tool for your staff.

E.g. - Set specific staff to start each month with a balance of $100

Sponsor Groups

Sponsor Groups

Sponsor organizations, charities, churches or sports teams and see the combined spend of each.

Custom Design

Custom Design

Customize the design to anything you want and include all the functionalities listed and more.

Rewards & Offers

Rewards & Offers

Rewards are automatically added. No extra work involved. Easily manage and track rewards, points and offers.

Double Dip

Double Dip

Connect your favourite rewards credit card and get points from your CC and the reward program offered.

Know Your Balance

Know Your Balance

Your balance is a glance away. No more guessing or keeping notes.

Physical Gift Cards and QR Codes

Offer Physical gift cards or generate unique QR Codes with offers, points or dollars in them to be printed on promotional material.

POS Integration or Stand Alone Solution

POS Integration is excellent for reducing workload or for a more cost-effective and still robust solution or use our stand-alone solution.

In-App ordering and eCommerce

In-App ordering and eCommerce

Have something you want to sell online. Send your customers to your app or your website.

24/7 Support

24-hour tech support via email, WhatsApp and a 1800#

Honestly, though our support team is not busy, seriously!

The backend website gives you the power to help your customers in seconds without them needing to wait for you to contact us.

Access and download your database anytime

Given how important data has become, businesses are increasingly wanting to own and control their data

Improving the customer experience improves brand loyalty