The Welcome Reward

Before getting millions of loyal customers to wonder how they ever lived without your app. People need to onboard through an efficient onboarding process. Building the on-ramp (Welcome Reward) to using your app is critical. Distractions are everywhere, vying for your customer’s mindshare.

However, done correctly, the user onboarding process can be the …

 first step in creating healthy user habits (repeat business). The Welcome Reward entices the user to sign up for your app, builds repeat behaviours and teaches them how to use your app.

The first step

A successful welcome reward is much more than just a way to drive traffic. The welcome reward is an opportunity to start imprinting new routines. Since a user’s first awareness of your app depends on an external trigger. Such as a call-to-action in an email, a link on a social media site, a tent card on a table, or a word-of-mouth recommendation, the message must be consistent.

The welcome reward should be strong enough to urge the user to investigate your app. Offering a free dessert to someone who doesn’t have a sweet tooth is not enticing. Giving $5 towards the bill if it is over $XX is one example of a more generic reward.


After the welcome reward has enticed your customer, you have to convey what your app can do for your customer. The next step in the user onboarding process is getting the user to take the intended actions. Download the app, register their info, set a security PIN, add their credit card details and then load some money. Reducing the effort involved in completing an action increases the likelihood of that behaviour. Simplifying the experience is vital. However, there needs to be some effort required too. The IKEA effect, a Harvard study discovered that making your users exert some labour gives them ownership of your product or service. That is why there are several steps to onboarding in the app.

Give me the welcome reward

Next, it’s time to give users some love for downloading, registering and loading some money on your app. This process has them engaged with your brand. Their dopamine is flowing, and they want their reward for the effort they have given. Redeeming the welcome reward is what they wish. Onboarding your customer and having them learn your app is what you want. An enticing welcome reward accomplishes all of this.

Welcome Reward

The power of variable rewards

They understand what the app is for and they’ve taken the first step to use it. The welcome reward attracted them with goodies that made their dopamine receptors want more.

The importance of reward systems is a pillar of how humans learn. An endless search for stimulus motivates the drive for rewards, either external or internally derived.

Among the most influential methods for increasing the probability of a behaviour is providing rewards on a variable ratio. In other words, when the behaviour produces varying amounts of benefit, the user increases the action. You can find variable rewards at the core of all sorts of addictive behaviours.

But, appropriately used, multiple rewards can be used to keep users engaged, pique their interest, and motivate them to commit further to using your app. Anticipation drives the search for rewards, and it is this endless hunt that keeps users engaged. When you entice your users with variable rewards, you stand a good chance of seeing them convert into regulars.

Your app has many layers of rewards for your users to chase, reward the hunt, quench your customer’s thirst and watch them choose you over your competitor.