Customer App

If you do not have access to your email address send us an email to with your name, mobile number and the name of the app you are trying to log into.

How to Refer A Friend

How to Delete a Credit Card from Your App

How to view your history in your app

How to change your four (4) digit PIN

How to reset your four (4) digit PIN

BOA apps (Back Office App for staff)

How to load your customer’s app with dollars or points.

Receive payments from customers

How to decline a customer’s payment

How staff can see and redeem TIPS

Admin Website

Send any of the following to your existing customers or to a list.

  • eCard
  • Points
  • Dollars
  • Coupons
  • Push Notification

Make sure you are grabbing (copying) your LIVE API KEYS


How to load your customer’s app with dollars or points inside Squirrel.

How to verify a payment made by the app if the check does not close in Squirrel or to see your TIP.

How to see the tips generated by your app inside Squirrel


uBrand App Explainer


The uBrand App Story, how the app works and why


Of electronic gift cards

Jude owns a shop…

Evelyn walks into a store…

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