This short video is the uBrand. App story, how the app started, how it works and introduces you to the founder Owen Clark and his why.

Business apps by – The New Way To Engage, custom business apps is the best choice for increasing customer retention and improving profits by connecting your customer to your brand….

The development of the began after doing 18 months of homework. The concepts and formulas are proven in the market, although still in its infancy concerning adoption, we know there is exponential growth on the horizon for this.

There are currently 16 brands using the model and we want to extend this opportunity to as many as we can.

The uBrand.App story is fun.

The story started in Steveston Village in British Columbia. A few years ago I wanted a coffee. Not loyal to any particular brand I looked around and in front of me was a Blenz Coffee. To my left a Starbucks and my right a Waves Coffee House Do you know the spot in Steveston where I was standing?

As I was trying to choose, I remembered I had the Starbucks app on my phone. I opened up the app to see that I had a balance of $0.38. Without even the slightest of hesitations, I turned left and started walking to the Starbucks. During that one block walk is when the AHA moment hit me! One business won my ‘loyalty’ over 38 pennies!

Long story short – after a year and a half of exhaustively researching apps, reward programs, mobile payments, neuroscience, and human behavioural psychology. I finally knew why I turned left without a twitch!

The human mind is impressive when you look at it. Brain chemicals motivate us to buy and chase (dopamine and curiosity). So we designed an app for businesses that leveraged those in-built motivations. The app is designed to increase profits by connecting customers to the brand.

This app might not be the best fit for all business types. Every day I hear excuses from stifled companies on why they don’t “need an app,” but in reality, those who have adopted one are crushing it!

Check out this Deloitte consumer review – it’s like they wrote it about! We couldn’t have paid someone to write a better report, it’s 100% independent and shows we’re on the money!