A SIMPLE UI (User Interface) IS NOT EASY

While trying to create the perfect app for their businesses, many brands fail to recognize the value of a simple UI. In fact, every great app designer will testify that a simple UI equals an excellent customer experience (UX). Clogging your mobile app with whistles, bells and unnecessary features—while it may be given an appearance of sophistication—only serves to distract and belabour potential customers.

Adding too many bells and whistles is also a challenge for your developers. On top of having a simplistic user interface, you need to have high performance to get the desired user experience. UI x Performance = UX



Unless you intend on making your app restricted by demography; where individual users, especially older, less tech-savvy ones, are unable to perform the most basic tasks. A more straightforward, more grounded interface is the way to go. Skilled designers understand that the goal of a great mobile app is to, ‘Get your users from Point A to Point B without unnecessary stops.’

A simple test of usability and simplicity is asking if an 80-year-old retiree would be able to—at first try—complete a transaction on your app, with little to no help.


A quick survey of mobile users will reveal a truth long ignored, or rather, vastly overlooked by the bulk of app designers; while it may look cool and hip to incorporate flashy trends and features into your application, simplistic brilliance endures for much longer.

Keep your app grounded in practicality and usability, rather than looking to integrate multiple buttons and features in the bid to cover all bases. You have a core service you provide, and all your app should do is lead your clients to the same.

This, however, does not mean a useful app needs to be bland and unappealing. There is a lot of beauty in simplicity. Visual stimulating colours, logos, animation and indicators can all be integrated to produce an optimal blend of aesthetics and efficiency.


Think of your business app as a right angle triangle; where the sum of the User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) equals User Engagement. Keeping potential clients hooked to your product can only be achieved when you make accessing those services easy and hassle-free.

No matter how much research and hard work has been put into creating great products and services tailored toward your target audience. An interface that requires more than two clicks to get a response is sure to repel a vast majority of leads. Despite how counterintuitive it sounds, no matter how fancy your service is; your users are only going to enjoy (and spend on) it if it is simple to use and navigate.

Only about 1 in 5 apps are used more than once, and even more jarring is the fact that 90% of all apps are left untouched after 30 days of installation. User engagement is dependent on user experience, and when potential customers are put off by a distracting, cluttered and over the top interface, their experience with your app (and by implication, your brand) is soured.

Final Notes

In this Golden Age of Technology, and with the abundance of options available, customers value, above all else, expediency and simplicity. Brands who have cornered the app market in the industry recognize this, and this is why a quick look at some of the biggest apps in the world reveals an elegant pallet of minimalism. A simple UI does not mean easy and that is why we do not use single click sign up in our apps.