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How do you get your customers to choose you over your competition more often?

The power of tiered loyalty. Take gamification to a different level by giving customers the opportunity to keep improving their status.

Reward the hunt

Early humans killed animals using a technique known as “persistence hunting,” where they would chase their prey down to exhaustion. The pursuit itself is motivation during the chase;

The dogged determination that kept hunters chasing their prey is the same mechanism that keeps us wanting and buying.

Where we once hunted for food, today we hunt for other things. The drive to conquer obstacles, even if just for the satisfaction of doing so lives within us. Pursuing a task to completion can influence people to continue all sorts of behaviours. Surprisingly, we also seek these rewards when we don’t outwardly appear to enjoy them. Puzzles offer no prize other than the satisfaction of completion; for some, the painstaking search for the right piece can be an incredible mesmerizing struggle.

Increasing retention rates by 5% increases profits by 25% to 95%

-Harvard Business Review

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