Project Description


Remove an entire step from the payment process and relieve your staff from collecting payments giving them more time to look after your customers and make you more money.

Transactions are up to 70% faster. Loyalty is often tied to routine, so any innovation that simplifies a routine while enhancing the customer experience is a reward in itself.

Quick Service Establishments -We digitally display a unique QR Code for your customers to scan from your front-facing display.

Casual and Fine Dining Establishments – We print a unique QR Code on each check, or you can have a single QR Code at every table.

TWO payment options to choose from:

1. Pay By App – Your customers open your app from either the App Store or the Play Store, then SCAN – PAY – GO – yup, it’s that simple!

2. Pay By Camera (no app required) – Your customers open the camera on their mobile device and SCAN – PAY – GO – No App required!

Improving the customer experience improves loyalty. 

The customer experience is just as significant as points or financial rewards to secure customer loyalty.

The true source of loyalty is to create benefits for people.

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