Project Description

Real-Time Feedback & SMS Marketing

Real-Time Feedback via SMS

Get instant feedback from your customers before they leave your establishment. Set up real-time feedback via SMS to an in-store wearable.

By default, all feedback from your customers is sent to a corporate email provided by you. Respond instantly to real-time SMS feedback and talk to your customers before they leave.

SMS Marketing

So precisely what is SMS marketing? SMS stands for “Short Message Service.” This type of marketing consists of sending short marketing messages directly to consumers. Most often, SMS messages are short and to the point. People send millions of SMS messages every day, and their numbers are multiplying. Let’s take a look at a few reasons why you should use SMS marketing to maximize your marketing ROI.


You probably know by now that email messages often don’t receive much attention as they used to. The simple fact is that unknown email messages are viewed as “spam” and are rarely opened or given much attention. However, the situation with SMS marketing is very different. The fact of the matter is that a whopping 97% of all SMS or phone text messages get opened.

83% of all SMS messages are opened within 60 minutes. This is excellent news if you decide to run a special or limited time offer of some type.