What is it One-Click Signup?

One-click signup is precisely what it sounds like – a way for users to sign up with a single click instead of a signup form.

The smoother you make it for new users to sign up for your app, the more signups you’ll get,…

but what about conversion? Learn precisely why you don’t want one-click signup to deliver high conversion rates on your app.

Avoid One-Click Signup

Let’s start by saying one-click signups are not bad for many applications, in fact, for some they are right. For an app where you are looking for loyal customers, seeking to increase repeat business of existing customers and even increase the average spend we do not recommend one-click signup and here’s why.

The purpose of apps built by uBrand is to provide a great customer experience. More importantly, we want longevity of those customers. By asking your customer to fill out a signup form, it psychologically attaches them to your brand in a way not possible using one-click signup.

The Ikea Effect

Labour alone can be sufficient to induce greater liking for the fruits of one’s labour. The more effort that someone puts into something, the more someone will value it. If your customers do not feel “invested” in the process, they place no value on the product.

The whole basis of IKEA’s approach to consumer furniture was to involve their customers in the building process – this co-creation adds value.

Also shown through studies is that people are more willing to pay for an item into which they have put a degree of their labour.

Drive your customers crazy, reward the hunt.

Make Your Customers Invest In You

First, they need to download and install your app then they are asked to do a bit of work. The investment comes in the form of asking the user to give some combination of time, data, effort, social capital or money. The investment implies an action that improves the service for the next go-around.

Your customer has invested time to download the app, and now they get to redeem the welcome reward or connect their credit card to your app so they can pay and get points. If the investment was fun or satisfying, then the process continues.

Once the one-time investment in your brand is complete the loyalty from your new customer is exponentially greater plus you’re building a database more valuable than gold.

Implications of One-Click Signup

One-click signup also opens the door for a customer service nightmare too.

One-click signup typically requires connecting with a third party. If anything happens with the connection between your app and this third party all your customers are locked out until there is a fix, even if the problem resides with the third party. There are many reasons this can and does happen. You are putting your customer experience in the hands of another developer – which is scary.

Multiple Accounts for one user – It is very common for a customer to forget which platform they used to sign in when they first downloaded your app. One-click signup can cause very bad analytics, potentially doubling the number of users you have with repeat registrations due to login confusion.

Forgot Password Gets Tricky

For customers who do not have a social account or do not like connecting their social account, it is necessary to offer an alternate signup form. By providing other ways to sign in means, there are potentially 3 or more ways to get knocked out or logged out.

Remembering how they originally registered is a challenge for many. If your customer does not sign-in correctly, things can get confusing very fast.

A widespread issue is using the forgot password link in the app when they originally signed in with Facebook. In this case, authentication was with Facebook, and therefore your app cannot help your customer with their password. The problem resides between your customer and Facebook and has nothing to do with you.

Another common issue with one-click signup is people do not know what email they use with their social account. Having three or four ways to sign in creates many variables and the customer service issues exponentially increase. Customer service issues = lousy customer experience. When you are dealing with your customers’ money, this is not the right combination.

Who do your customers complain to if they cannot log into your app, you or Facebook? YOU, and in most cases, we cannot help them we can only guide them.

Conclusion – Conversions over Downloads

A better long-term solution is to ask your customers to invest in your brand by filling out a one time sign up form; this will help your brand build loyal customers, minimize attrition and keep your data and analytics accurate.

Who cares how many clicks you get on your website, are those clicks turning into prospects, into revenue? Who cares how many downloads you have, are those who are downloading your app using it?