Letting The World Know

Getting staff talking about your app is by far the best way to market your app.

On top of these visual examples, we have clients who’ve printed business cards they hand out with the checks, or they have an app ambassador who talks to each customer about their app.

Every place is different based on the atmosphere and budget of the establishment. One thing we do know is if you market your app, people join. The more that join, the better your retention and average check size, we guarantee it!

Getting staff to promote your app is exponentially better than printed material. The best way to get them talking about your app is to get them using it. E.G. We have clients who load money monthly and make their staff pay for their food via the app. This way, you can track employee spend, and it gets the staff using the app too, and thus they can talk about it naturally.

TIP: So simple yet overlooked even by big organizations. We only whisper this tip so listen carefully. When creating printed material, avoid using the word “Loyalty” and use “Reward” instead. There is a subconscious reason for this – People do not want to be Loyal, but they do want rewards. Promise to keep this between us, ok!