Loyalty Apps are a Dime a Dozen…How Do You Know Which is Good or Not?

Although most small and medium business owners are well aware of the affluence of loyalty apps out there. Not all of us are software technicians, and some of them can be complex. We took a closer look at how to go about choosing the best loyalty app for your business in the hope of providing a little clarification.


Loyalty Apps are a Dime a Dozen – Narrow it Down!

The first consideration ought to be customer engagement. Will the loyalty app in question engage your customers? In the digital world, you need to give people an incentive to join your program and to stay in it; otherwise, you will be pouring money down the drain. What is the point in offering an initial incentive for them to download your loyalty app if they never use it again?

Ultimately, the best loyalty app for your business will fulfill a need that your clients don’t know they have yet. To this end, we must appreciate apps which have a purpose the user will be hard pushed to do without. The overall aim is for them to use their loyalty card time and again.  But also for them to revisit your premises simply because they have something to gain from it, as well as you.

Another trapping of the perfect loyalty app is that it is reflective of customer experience. If you are not scoring higher than 4/5 in customer experience reviews, then there is little chance a loyalty card will have the desired effect.

Loyalty Apps


Customer Experience Impacts your Loyalty App!

If your customer experience game is not on point, then you are losing already. Your loyalty app will have little to no effect. Before you settle on your loyalty app of choice, ask yourself if it is pleasing to the eye? Simplicity is critical, and ease of interface will draw in users better than fancy graphics. Is your loyalty app intuitive? Does it predict customer interaction based on past data? The goal is to have as few clicks as possible for the customer to purchase. Performance is the final factor of consideration in customer experience.

If your loyalty app takes more than a second to load consumers are unlikely even to load it while waiting in a queue. Consider all of these things and your customer experience rating may improve.


Loyalty Apps Can Drive Engagement if Done Correctly

So, if your loyalty app is not being used beyond claiming the initial incentive, then get rid of it. It is costing more than it is making. Your app should actively work to change your consumer’s spending habits so that they check it for deals before they enter your store or buy online. Getting to this stage means that you will always be at the forefront of your client’s minds when it comes time to spend!

Gamification is key here. Setting targets and experience levels with different rewards help give them the feeling of hunting for a prize. Communication and visualization can both be combined to create a sense of progress and reward. The idea of this is to produce dopamine in your customer’s brain when they achieve a new step, unlock new spending power or make new rewards within your loyalty app.

As usual, this will not please everyone, so taking multiple angles can increase your appeal. Some consumers might want status and the thrill of being a platinum member whereas others like the ability to pay and go. Whatever your customer likes there is a way to reach your business app goals… and Ubrand know precisely how to do it!