Launch Monitor App – FREE for a limited time.

Launch Monitor AppOur plan is to equip golfers of all skill levels with a convenient, affordable version of ball-tracking technology – in the form of an app.

This means you can set up your smartphone at the driving range or on the links and get insights, in real-time, into what you are doing and what you need to do differently.

Radar tracking technology has, for a long time now, remained out of reach for most golfers. If you wanted to record your swing and analyze your game, you would need to spend massive amounts of money to own one – up to tens of thousands of dollars. Because of that, ball-tracking technology has remained woefully inaccessible for many players.

Please enjoy the following features for FREE to improve your game while we continue to seek investors.

  • Golf Video Analysis App for iPhone, iPadAndroid phones & tablets.
  • Record high frame rate, HD videos using our state-of-the-art mobile app.
  • Instantly review video with slow-motion playback and professional performance review tools (telestration, side-by-side comparison, and more).
  • Create coaching videos with slow motion, freeze frame, telestration and audio voiceovers.
  • Backup HD videos and access them from your mobile device.
  • Distribute HD videos from your mobile devices.
  • Share videos with coaches, athletes, parents and fans.
  • Wirelessly record/import.

Enjoy all this and more for FREE while we continue to build the app.