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You have been selected to participate as one of the Commercial Drive Rewards App *Partner Businesses.
*This offer includes a six-month trial (July 15th, 2021 – Jan 15th, 2022) with no obligation to continue thereafter.

Free for Customers, Simple for Merchants


How do customer’s collect points?2021-07-08T21:03:03-07:00

Collecting points is very straightforward

  1. Customers open The Drive Rewards app on their Apple or Android device

  2. Click ‘Collect Points’

  3. Scan the QR Code Generated by the Merchant

How do customers redeem rewards?2021-07-08T21:05:31-07:00

Redeeming Rewards is very straightforward.

  1. Customers open The Drive Rewards app on their Apple or Android device

  2. Click their ‘Rewards Badge’, select the Reward they want to redeem

  3. Follow the prompts to enter the redemption code and click ‘Redeem’

  4. Merchant honours the redemption

How do Merchants generate a QR Code?2021-07-08T21:03:22-07:00

Merchants download The Drive Back Office App (BOA) here.

How to generate a QR Code.

  1. Login into The Drive BOA  (username and password provided – each Merchant has their own)

  2. Click the ‘QR Code’ icon

  3. Enter the amount your customer spent

  4. Click the ‘Generate QR Code’ button (points are automatically calculated)

We will provide you with your credentials and do a FULL DEMO during our consultation.

Download the merchant ‘Back Office App’ (BOA) here

Select QR Code icon

Select QR Code Icon

Enter Amount

Generate QR Code

Generate QR Code

QR Code


What’s required?2021-07-05T06:31:46-07:00

The Drive apps are compatible with any Apple iOS 9 or later or Android 4.0.3 and up device.

You will need a device in-store to generate QR CODES.

It’s up to you if you want to purchase a dedicated device (i.e. tablet or phone) for your store or allow your staff to use their own phone to manage The Drive Rewards Program for your storefront.

Customers will use their personal mobile devices.

How does The Drive Rewards Program work?2021-07-05T06:33:33-07:00

Customers earn 3 points for every dollar they spend at any participating location. 100 points = $33 spent on The Drive!

Points accumulate inside the customer’s app, and at any time, they can redeem their points towards anything in the list of rewards offered.

Each participating business will offer a reward.

You determine the reward offered by your business – this is 100% customizable and can be changed in real-time. Each participating business will have one (1) reward to offer.

For example, the list in the customer’s app might look like this:

  • 100 points = 1 Coffee at [store_name]
  • 100 points = 1 Samosa at [store_name]
  • 200 points = Free Consultation at [store_name]
  • 200 points = ?
  • 400 points = ?
  • 400 points = ?
  • 700 points = ?
  • 1000 points = ?
  • 1000 points = ?
  • 2000 points = Dinner for 2 at [store_name]

There is no right or wrong, and as we move along with this program, we will continue to tweak or modify. Some customers may really want the 2000 point reward and will continue spending on The Drive and chasing that reward, where some may want to enjoy the 100 point rewards. If you feel too many people are redeeming your reward, we can do 1 of 2 things. We can increase the points required to redeem it or change it altogether, which can be done in real-time.

What does the User Journey look like?2020-08-25T16:31:47-07:00

User Journey

Where do I find The Drive Rewards app?2021-05-26T13:42:31-07:00

Customers download ‘The Drive Rewards App here

Merchants download ‘The Drive Back Office App here

When will this program go live?2021-07-05T09:47:49-07:00

We are ready! Make sure to schedule your on-location consultation using this link

Full roll out complete before July 15th

You can download the Drive Reward apps here:

PDF User Manual (printable)2021-07-08T21:12:18-07:00
Marketing Collateral2021-07-05T07:53:06-07:00

Schedule your on-location consultation here

We have several pieces of collateral for you and will give them to you during the consultation.

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