Keep Customer Engagement High

Among the factors that impact just how successful a business is, customer engagement occupies pride of place. No matter your tagline, service proposition or corporate policy; failing to get consumers hooked on the product you bring to the market will undoubtedly result in failure. It is not enough to generate new leads and bring them through your doors. You need to keep them wanting to return for more—provide irresistible benefits and engage their psyche to associate your brand with excitement.

Keeping your customers engaged is easier said than done—but it can be done.

Connect, Engage, and Earn

Gamification with Payments

In what has been described as a genius marketing strategy, gamification or tiered loyalty has helped brands boost customer engagement — with the customer having to carry a bulk of the load themselves. Tiered loyalty is a psychological brand of marketing—leveraging a customer’s innate need to reach the next level—one that has been mastered by some of the biggest apps in the world. Offering multiple packages, say, Basic, Standard, and Premium, sends a subliminal message. A message that there is something better just ahead, and with a little work or commitment, they can access the same.

Tiered systems provide an experience – imagine your in-app user experience as a new door inside a mansion you are exploring. An app that provides a bland, single layer reward system is like a loft—just okay, but not really exciting to live in. In contrast, an app that gives users a chance to progress up a reward ladder, through constant engagement, is like a skyscraper, with fun, elevator rides. Combining payments with your tiered program psychologically removes the pain of paying from your customer’s mind and replaces the pain with an experience of joy of what’s next to come in the game. The thrill of the chase encourages your customer’s to spend more too.

Reward the hunt is another blog post we have that expands on this.

Make User Experience A Winnable Game

Even the most successful individuals in the world are constantly looking to get wins, no matter how much they have already achieved. This is a mindset that transcends class, race, age or demographic divisions. If there is even a slight chance of improving their position and placement, people will generally be driven to hit the targets needed to progress to the next level. 

Integrating little perks, akin to gamer tags, to mark achievements and milestones in-app is a great way to keep users interested. While your brand may be all business, your app can have just the right injection of heart—leaving a smile on the faces of users and encouraging repeated use. Think of it this way, when your customer wins, you are invariably winning—and, often, with little to no extra costs incurred.

customer engagement

Personalized User Experience

Nobody wants to be addressed as Dear User. Engagement is about building meaningful relationships with your customers, and like real life relationships, failing to tailor your interactions towards the other party is a surefire way to have a quick break up.

Starting from the sign-up page, you have an opportunity to, not only build a valuable database, but also show your customers you are more than just a capitalist company. Send personalized push notifications, emails, and even birthday messages addressing them by their first name (or preferred moniker). Make the app feel like it was designed and tailor-made to suit their individual needs for better customer engagement.