How to get your customers to choose you over your competition

Many factors play into making a decision, and each of these factors is ranked differently by each of your customers. As long as you provide a product or service equal or better to your competition, having a custom app by uBrand app will sway your customers to choose you over your competition more often than not.

Decision-making can be regarded as a problem-solving activity yielding a solution deemed to be optimal, or at least satisfactory.

choose you over your competition

Money Motivator

I was standing at a street corner and wanted a coffee. There were three coffee shops within throwing distance. Since I’m not a coffee connoisseur there was no preference to whom I gave my money. Then I remembered I had an app belonging to one of them, so I opened it up and found that I had 38 cents available in their app. Without thinking, I turned to their establishment and gave them my business.

Why? Because in my head it was a 38 cent discount, even though it was my money. A balance on an app or a gift card is the same psychology as a casino chip, it’s free money, and it’s easier to spend. The crazy part is that I had to load more money onto the app before I could get my coffee. After it was all said and done my remaining balance after buying my coffee was now $22 and change. Where do you think I went the next time I wanted a coffee?

That’s my story on decision making and the birth of what we offer today. Now that we’ve been delivering our app to brands for a few years with thousands of users, we know people make decisions for different reasons.

Bonkers Over Points

Some people go bonkers over points, they want their points and because you offer a fair reward program that’s all they need to choose you over your competition. At uBrand, we are very adamant about rewarding and never discounting. It’s better to give something for free than to discount. People never expect free over and over again, but they’ll always want a discount.

Taking Points to the Next Level

Gamification, tiers or levels add another layer to points. Keep your customers engaged by making the process fun and challenging at the same time. People love to hunt and chase their prey.

The Power of Convenience

Others love convenience, make it easy for me and at the same time provide something I need then you will get my business every time. This is where scan and go come in. For a sit-down environment, there is no need to wait for the server to come back with the credit card machine, for a QSR environment there is no need to find your wallet or a credit card.

Combine Them All

Combine any or all of the above and you tap into many other kinds of decision makers. You give me convenience, a credit (the balance on my app)  and points at the same time or any combination of them, sign me up!

Casino Chip Effect

The bonus to getting your customers to choose you over your competition more often than not is we also know these loyal customers spend on average 72% more than your customers who do not use your app.