Will a Business App Work for Your Company?

With all the financials and logistics that go into launching a brand app, a question that undoubtedly plagues the thought of many entrepreneurs is, will a business app work for my business? The short answer is YES. However, the issue should move from whether or not mobile business apps work, to how to fully maximize the benefits of these highly convenient tools.

Ease Encourages Spend

Over 80% of businesses report an increase in customers upon adopting mobile marketing methods, and developing branded apps ranks highly among these methods. While the total of your marketing strategy brings more people through the door. Carefully curated measures like launching a mobile app increases revenue.

A comprehensive study into the dining and hospitality sector showed that restaurants that operated a branded app recorded exponential returns throughout a year. Compared to patrons who ordered through traditional methods, app users spent an average of 72% more on dining.

Offer your clients convenience, and you’ll find that this relaxed state leads to loosened purse strings. Our study revealed an increase in average on all process ranges, compared to non-app customers.

Boost Brand Recognition and Status

An intuitive mobile app is one of the hallmarks of a flourishing business. The perception of businesses without a mobile application is low. Compared to brands who have a fully functional mobile app.

There is a psychological aspect to business, and this is one you can fully leverage with an app that is carefully tailored to meet your customers’ needs. Leads are more likely to commit to a business that understands them and provides a convenient means to complete tasks.

Expand Your Target Audience

Targeting a niche audience is a great way to expand your business reach. While it may seem weird to describe millennials and the youth population as niche (given their sheer population), this demographic has rapidly shifted towards favouring mobile and digital methods of payment and engagement—a sharp detour from conventional methods.

Business apps ensure you have a chance in this critical demographic, it’s the first time in the history of the world where the younger generation is teaching, the older generation, and it’s in your company’s best interest to establish a mobile presence.

Yield is Guaranteed

The arguments for launching a branded app usually face one significant rebuttal: are they worth the money?

Men lie, women lie, but numbers don’t.

Our study has confirmed one thing we have known for a while. A correctly built business app offers unmatched value for money. We found that businesses that had a brand app through uBrand.app, had on average, a 702% ROI. Business owners and managers have seen that mobile marketing, notably launching a business app. Serves to improve the bottom line of their brand.

Commissioning an app for business is, more often than not, a smart business decision. However, you must deal with some intricacies; regarding user interface, customer research, and encouraging user engagement through excellent user experiences.

Our promise at UBRAND is a guaranteed return on your investments built on a foundation of effective app development and years of experience. Leverage our extensive knowledge of mobile marketing and turn your business into a key player in your industry.