Branded Payment Apps Are Good Only If…

The growth in digital platforms has allowed a whole spectrum of shoppers access to a plethora of brands. If you want to stand out you can’t allow your payment app to be the one thing letting you down. We put together some tips and guidelines for choosing the best payment app for your business, and you can decide whether or not your payment app stacks up.


Branded Payment Apps are Good Only If they are Streamlined

If your payment app is causing unnecessary stress for either your customers or your staff then it is costing you money. Consumers who find your payment process unnecessarily complex are unlikely to make a second purchase in the future and, in fact, the whole end process can seriously damage your business if it is not done right.

This means that payment apps that are unnecessary and have no visible benefit to the customer are a no-no. If they add steps to the process rather than eliminating them, then they are negatively affecting your consumer experience. Likewise, apps that require additional hardware for them to operate are next to useless.


Branded Payment Apps are Good Only if they Make Life Easier

The reason human beings strive to develop new technologies is so that we can make our lives easier. If your payment app isn’t doing so, then it is not the best payment app for your business. It needs to be easy to access, easy to interface with and easy to complete. It cannot require anything other than a phone and a payment method to complete, or your customers will not use it, and it must be streamlined to perfection, as smoothly as can be.

Take, for example, payment apps which require the customer to show a bar code. Once this has been done, there is a second step wherein the business needs to scan the bar code. To us, this seems very inefficient indeed. What if we simply reversed the process and the customer scanned the bar code using their mobile device instead. The business automatically prints the barcode either on a front facing display, directly onto the check or even in digital format. No extra work for staff and no more waiting for the customer all that is left for the customer to do is open the app and click a ‘pay’ button. A real pay and go scheme.

Once paid for the check is also closed at the point of sale, alleviating the need for extra work and eliminating an entire step too for your staff.


The Importance of your Own Brand App

It is essential that the payment app you use does not advertise to your competitors. Such apps are growing their databases off your consumers. With your own branded app you fully control what your data, as well as who can see it. You can then use this data to develop your customer profile and break down your client base into accurate demographics – all of which can be put to good use by your marketing department… and opportunity which uBrand presents, but that other payment apps simply do not provide for.