12 reason why apps increase revenues for business.


My wife and I were on a date at an upscale establishment. The atmosphere was perfect, and it seemed like nothing could ruin our evening. The appetizers were delicious, and the main course was fantastic. When it came time for dessert, we ordered their special chocolate lava cake. It took a little longer than it should have to arrive but we were in no rush. When the lava cake finally did come, it was broken, and the center lava had spilled all over the dessert dish. Did we care? No, we just wanted that sugary goodness. The restaurant, however, did care. They removed the cost of our dessert and our drinks from our bill as a form of apology. Were we happy? Yes, of course. Have we gone back? No, we have not. We can’t even remember the name of the restaurant.

This is where an app would’ve gotten the restaurant off the hook for their mistake and guaranteed our return. Now, imagine if the manager came up to apologize and pulled out a mobile device and asked us for our number so he could send us a gift. Within a few seconds, we’d have our their app, and the restaurant would have us back on another occasion.

We’d remember the name of the restaurant then! Apps increase revenues in many ways; this is only the first example.


Apps increase revenues by offering an app year-round; you can increase your bottom line. Apps are marketed 365 days a year, but products and some services are not. We do not need snow removal in the summer, so it makes sense that this service isn’t offered in July. On the other hand, your business operates every day, and even if all your products and services aren’t available all year, your app should be.

Think of it this way, if a customer comes in to purchase something that you do not have instead of telling them it’s a seasonal item and sending them on their way or trying to sell them something else, show them your app. Chances are they’ll install the app and come back sooner, instead of waiting to use the app when the original item they wanted comes back in stock, they’ll get a reminder in their phone prompting them.


Being attached to someone’s hip will give you a reasonable advantage over your competition. We live in a world where people go to bed and wake up with their phones beside them. We’ll hit the brakes and do an illegal u-turn even if we are already late for a meeting to go back and get our phones. We take them on vacation, we take them to our kids’ softball games and answer calls even when our child is at bat. We need our phones to do business, connect with friends and family, and update our various social media profiles.

You need to get into as many smartphones as you can. It’s good marketing and gives you a leg up on your competition. Did you know the Starbucks app is used for over 30% of all their purchases? Why? It’s easy. Order your drink, take out your phone, and after a quick barcode scan, you’ve paid and are on your way. Well, you’re almost on your way because if you’ve ordered a fancy drink with syrups and whipped cream, you know the wait is sometimes a long one.
Make it easy for your customers by using an app to allow them to pay quickly with their most prized possession: their phones.


Traditional gift cards are proven to be a great tool; it’s a multi-billion dollar industry. Apps are plastic gift cards on steroids. They allow you to fine-tune your marketing initiatives and collect vitals from your customers.

With an app, you can now build a database of email, cell numbers, gender, age, the frequency of visits, average spend, birthday and more. Then you can use all this information for specific marketing advantages. An app gives you a chance to know your customers and give them exactly what they want before they know they want it.

A word of caution with direct marketing: Those who bug their clients get swatted away quickly. Do not over-saturate your customers with direct marketing. They will see this as a nuisance and stop using your products/services altogether. However, if you are adding value and giving them what they need without harassing them, you’ll have no trouble creating a loyal customer base. If you’re a bugger, bug off now and save yourself the hassle.

Here are examples of perfect direct marketing initiatives:
• It’s Valentine’s Day, and you have a great special to offer the men. Now with an app solution, you send an exclusive offer to only the men in your database or just the men who have shopped with you 3X or more in the last six months.
• Create automatic reminders for unused credits after a three-month window or six-month window. This gives your customers a push in the right direction without harassing them to use their cards.
• A birthday message with a special offer lets your customers know that you care that they’re one year older and they deserve a treat for repeatedly using your products/services.


The mindset of a person who has money on an app is similar to the mentality of someone at the casino. Casinos make you exchange your cash in for chips, so you stop thinking of your money as money. If you have to look at a 20-dollar bill as you insert it into a slot machine, you will be very aware of that bill’s value. If you add a 20-dollar chip into the slot machine, you’ll be less inclined to care if/when you lose it all. A casino chip has no value to us in our everyday lives. We don’t pay for groceries in chips; we use real money to buy chips (potato chips or kale chips if you’re that kind of person).

The next time you’re at the casino, observe a roulette table. Watch patrons exchange their one chip in for many chips. Most have no idea how much each stack is worth, but they happily fill the numbers on the roulette table with heaps of chips because it feels good to cover so many squares.

When someone receives a gift on an app, it’s play money to spend, consequence-free. They’ll usually pay more than the value on the app. Want to increase your average sale amount per transaction? Offer an app with mobile payments. Apps increase revenues!

apps increase revenue


Coupon companies make you offer a deep discount. Let’s say you provide a $100 value for $50. The coupon company collects the $50 and only gives you half of that. You just gave a $75 discount, lost $75, and now you have to service all these deal hunters that are only using your product/service because it’s been heavily discounted. That is what makes them deal hunters and not ideal clients – they move from one deal to the next and do not give a hoot about becoming your customer.

Why not offer loyal customers a bonus? Load $75 on our app, and we will load $100. You just collected $75 and gave them a value of $100. What does that extra $25 cost you? $7 maybe but it creates a repeat customer, plus, you collect information on them for future direct marketing.

Stop Discounting & Start Rewarding


It’s not just knocking, it’s screaming. Businesses are slow to embrace the online selling of gift cards. Do you know why only 3% of local companies have an app? It’s expensive to get started! That’s why we created uBrand.app so that the 97% of you who cannot get an ROI from the initial set up costs.


What is your cost of acquisition with traditional advertising? Why not invite everyone you meet to download your app? No seriously. Wouldn’t it be nice to send everyone you come across daily a gift card to use at your business? All you have to do to get a new long-term customer is get them in the door. After that, you only need to worry about retaining them, and an app will help you with that too.

Let’s say you meet a fellow business owner while waiting in line at the ATM and you show interest in their business, they show interest in yours, and then they ask you for your phone number so they can send you a gift. You comply, and as soon as they look up from their phone after pressing SEND, your phone beeps with an incoming text that says, “ You have a gift of $X. Click here to redeem”. They just marketed their product directly to you and enticed you to visit their store by offering you free money.


EVERYBODY buys gift cards. GC’s are an easy purchase for those looking to get a present for someone they don’t know very well and for those they do know well. They make great wedding gifts, birthday gifts, and rewards. They can be a personal gift that says, “I know this is your favourite store, that’s why I got this gift card here” or “This is my favourite store. I got your gift card because I think you’ll like it too.”

Look around your business. Nine out of 10 customers you have apps on their mobile devices, but why don’t they have your app? With your app, you’ll be making it very easy for them to purchase from your business. Take advantage of that 93%!


If 93% of people buy gift cards and the average spend is $213, that translates into tons of referrals from your existing customers. Word-of-mouth is the best form of advertising. By using an app solution to help your current customers spread the word to people who trust them, above all you are getting free advertising which is another reason apps increase revenues.

How many of your customers would love the opportunity to share your business with a friend or relative? Probably all of them. It’s as simple as entering a phone number and pressing send. Get in on that 213 dollar action and offer an app.


When a customer spends their gift card, they may not use up the entire value of the card at once and If there is $3 left on a card you know chances are in your favour that they will be a return customer.

Every little penny counts besides no one walk’s away from money. Even if it’s as little as $3, the customer will return to your place of business and spend it. Don’t offer anything for $3? That’s a shame, but that won’t stop your customer from spending and they will use that $3 towards another item and will most likely spend more than $3.


Did you know that 8 out of 10 corporations buy gift cards? These corporations use the cards as employee incentives and rewards for jobs well done. The employees that are offered the gift card can turn into future long-term customers of yours.

A corporation can buy gifts from you in a matter of seconds. They can send out any denomination to any phone number instantly or at a future date, and in return, you get their employees’ business. The bigger the company, the more they spend on e-cards and the more employees of theirs you can convert into customers of yours.



Apps increase revenues in many different ways and most importantly they are making everybody’s life easier.